Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2019 Graduate Speech #6 - A.M.

Hello, my name is A.M., and I have been at this school for six years.
I have some really special memories I want to share with you.
My first memory is in first grade when we hatched chicks with Mrs. Blankenstein and at fifth grade when the Metropolitan came at this exact school, it was outstanding to see him in person.
Now, I want to thank some very important people that helped me to come all this way.
First, I would like to thank my family for driving me all this way to this magnificent school and for paying to make me learn at this school.
I would like to thank Mrs. Powell for making me exercise at P.E. and creating the Christmas play and graduation night, you are the best music and P.E. teacher I can have.
Thank you magistra Downs for teaching me Latin and Latin history I really enjoyed it.
Our art teacher Mrs. Perussi gave me a huge experience of creative art, but most of all
I will never forget about the glass icons we made, I really appreciate it.
Thank you Kyria Maria for teaching me Greek, that I will keep with me my whole life and Kyria Thespina for teaching me Greek Byzantine chant that sounds awesome with the whole class.
Tow of our very important people I would like to thank are Mrs. Blankenstein for being the school principal and my first and second grade teacher, and Mrs. Makenzie, the secretary of the school and healing my scars on my leg after I fell down.
Mrs. Padma and Mrs. Rusodan always start my day by giving me a hug and when Fr. ED is not here they sub for him because they are both great teachers.
Last but the best is Fr. ED - our main teacher. Thank you for teaching me enough and giving me extra homework to get me ready for sixth grade. You are the best teacher I have had for three years and I will never forget you.
 Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy it.

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