Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2019 Graduate Speech #5 - A.G.

Hi, my name is A.

I have been at this school for almost 5 years.
During these 5 years, I've made lots of wonderful, exciting memories.
I still remember the time I fell and every one ran to ask if I was okay.
I also remember one day we were playing mountain ball and I kicked the ball so far, everyone congratulated me.

First, I'd like to thank my parents for bringing me to this magnificent school.
Second, I'd like to thank all my teachers for giving me a great education.
My language teachers, Magistra Downs and Kyria Thespina, for teaching me 2 great languages, Latin and Greek.
Mrs. Powell for teaching me PE and music 3 days a week.
Mrs. Farris for teaching me to be quiet in public libraries.
Mrs. Perusi, for teaching me art and art history.
Mrs. Blankenstein for running this school and helping me with problems that I couldn't fix on my own.
Mrs. Rice for helping me realize that being corrected was not so bad.
And last but not least, Fr. Ed, for teaching me so many subjects that I couldn't keep track, out of which my favorite subject is math.
And also, for helping me be a better Christian.

It will be very sad to leave my teachers and all of my fellow students.
God helped me make great friends in this school and I thank Him greatly.
Thank you everyone for coming!

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