Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2019 Graduate Speech #4 - S.I.

I would like to thank all of you: the teachers, the students, the parents, and volunteers, for helping support ASA. Here, at ASA, you are all important, whether you are an adult or a student.
Friendship, truth, kindness, and prayer are what we have here at ASA, we work hard at achieving goals high in the sky with our feet on the ground. Every day we learn something new.
We might not have a playground, but we sure have an imagination. My favorite quote is “imagination sets you free to be just who you want to be.”
Once again, I’ll thank the teachers: Fr. Ed for being by teacher the longest and he’s the funniest teacher I have ever had. Ms. Padma and Ms. Rusudan for being my first teachers, Kyria Maria and Kyria Despina, for being my Greek teachers, Mrs. Perussi for teaching me art, my favorite subject, Magistra Downs for being my latin teacher, Mrs. Faris for being our librarian, Mrs. Powell for teaching PE and Music, Mrs. Lekas for being my literature teacher, Mrs. Rice, Ms. Lubliner and Mrs. Blankenstein for all being my principals and teaching me. And last but not least, Mrs. Hunt, thank you for teaching my little brothers.
As you might know I have 2 big sisters J. and C. as well as 2 little brothers, S. and T. Me, S.I., being the middle child is hard but my family was very supportive over the years of my education here.
I am standing here, in front of this microphone to thank you and say goodbye.

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