Monday, November 18, 2019

September Virtue of the Month- Obedience

Obedience- Willingness to follow the commands of another

Welcome back to school! 
Why we do the Bible verses and virtue of the month…

For a number of years, Agia Sophia Academy has promoted weekly Bible verse memorization. These Bible verses are based on specific virtues. Each month has a designated “virtue of the month”. These two Faith curriculum activities support the ongoing mission of the school- to provide “a rich academic and arts curriculum grounded in Orthodox Christian values…”. Our Bible verses for the upcoming weeks will be published in our Monthly Messenger newsletter. Clip it out- post it on your refrigerator- keep it in your car and have your child practice every day. There is proven value to memorization. This article “In Praise of Memorization” provides ten reasons why it is important to practice the art of memorization. 

Now, take those memorization skills and apply it to the Bible verses that are based on our virtues and we have given our students a tool to quickly remember something from their childhood when they are faced with making those virtuous choices in their lives. If you have questions about Bible verse memorization or when your child’s class will be reciting their verse, please ask your child’s teacher. 

On obedience: Fr. Thomas Hopko, of blessed memory, said, 
There is no spiritual life without obedience...Our obedience to God’s commandments and discipline is the exclusive sign of our love for Him and His Son.” 
We have many opportunities to practice obedience- children to our parents and teachers, parents to our families and work, all of us to one another. 

May we always strive to be examples of virtue to our children every day. 
Have a blessed school year!

Mrs. Christina Blankenstein

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