Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2019 Graduate Speech #1 - T.S.

Reverend Fathers, parents, ASA teachers, and everyone present,
  My name is T. S. I’ve been in this school for 2 years, but in that short time, I’ve had an amazing experience. In my whole life, I’ve been in four states and three schools, but I can say undoubtedly that this one was the best. I just can’t believe that I’m leaving. I feel like, so little time ago, I walked nervously into the classroom. But as soon as I saw the welcoming faces of Mrs. Rice and all of my new classmates, I was immediately relaxed.
  Before I go on, I would like to thank God, for the way that he worked through others to guide me and my parents to this school.
  I would like to thank my amazing parents: my Dad, for working day in and day out for us, and my Mom, who takes care of all the boys at home, and always asked us how are day was when we sat down to the amazing snack she made.
  The next people that I will thank are my classmates. I remember when I fell once, and some of you where even on the other side of the parking lot, but you still ran over and saw if I was okay. I’ve heard that in a small Christian school like this, you always feel like family by the end of the year. Well, I do.
  Next, I would like to thank all the amazing teachers and staff: Mrs. Powell- the best music and PE teacher this side of the Mississippi, Mrs. Perusi the art teacher- who could paint a masterpiece more detailed than the Mona Lisa, Mrs. Farris, the librarian, who always knows the book you need, the Greek teachers- Kyria Despina, Prezvytera Theodora, and Kyria Maria, who knew more Greek than Plato himself, and the Latin teacher, Mahistra Downs, who knew more Latin than Julius Ceaser.
  Thank you also to 3 teachers who work very hard with the younger students- Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Padma, and Mrs. Rusudan.  
  Another two people that are very important in the functioning of this school are Mrs. Blankenstein, and Mrs. McKenzie.
 I have had a wonderful time here and learned many life lessons. One of the most important was the spirit of brotherhood, that we were all like a big family. These lessons will help me in the years ahead greatly. Another lesson that this school has taught me is to pray. To pray, (as in the words of Kyria Despina) not only when things get hard, but when they are good too.
 Thank you also very much to all the benefactors and supporters of ASA, those who participated in events such as the Greek open, the 15th Anniversary Gala, and my Grandparents.
 There are also others who helped in various ways- substitutes, previous principals and teachers (i.e. Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Chiprout, and many others.)
But the teacher that had the most impact on my life was the one the only………………….
FR. ED!!!! Thank you, Fr. Ed, for teaching me so many life lessons that will last me a lifetime. You taught me to never give up, you taught me how to be obedient. If anybody has 3rd, 4th , or 5th Grade students, I would strongly recommend you to Fr. Ed. With all sincerity, thank you Fr. Ed.
 Thank you again everyone. And farewell.

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