Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2019 Graduate Speech #3 - S.G.

It all started when I walked through the Agia Sophia Academy doors at three years old to the Montessori classroom. I was immediately wrapped with love. The children all kind and sweet. Ms. Padma and Ms. Rusudan were my Montessori teachers. They taught me many things such as, reading, writing, and the talent of not crying. Thank you ladies for teaching me and starting me on my journey of learning.  
Mrs. Blankenstein was one of my two first-grade teachers. She was a great grammar and math teacher. If we had completed all of our assignments when the day was over Mrs. Blankenstein would read out of her Winnie the Pooh book. History was a favorite in first grade I had a blast learning about the ancient Egyptians and reading all about them. Thank you, Mrs. Blankenstein.  
Mrs. Rodan, was my second first grade teacher. She was always teaching us new hymns during prayers. She was a great reading and writing teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Rodent, for your lessons.
Mrs. Rice taught me in second grade as my main teacher and in third grade she was my math teacher. In second grade I remember when my class was taught about Vikings and ancient Rome. It was enjoyable when Mrs. Rice had a movie night with a movie about our history subject. In math I loved the way Mrs. Rice would explain things. Thank you, Mrs. Rice for your many lessons.
            At ASA we have many specialty classes. Greek, Latin, art, literature, library, P.E, and music. Eight wonderful women taught the classes.
 From Montessori to fourth grade I had Kyria Maria. Greek is my second language but Kyria Maria was always teaching me something new. Many thanks to Kyria Maria for your lessons and love.
Kyria Despina taught me Greek byzantine chant for fifth grade. In this class I was always exited to learn the new symbols.  Thank you Kyria Despina for helping me carry on a tradition of a thousand years.
Magistra Downs taught me Latin from second grade to fifth. She was always looking on the bright side and pushing us to work a little harder. I always loved your end of year parties. Thank you for your lessons.  
Many thanks to Mrs. Perussi who taught me art from Montessori to fifth grade and being my art inspiration. If I am sitting on a chair trying to draw a picture I think, what would Mrs. Perussi do.
Thank you, Ms. Leakus, for improving our reading skills in literature during fifth grade. I really enjoyed your book choices and reading with you.
Thank you to Ms. Farris for being our school librarian all my years. You always picked out a good book to read. I will keep rereading the books you recommended.
Mrs. Powell was my teacher from the very beginning to the end. She taught me both P.E. and Music. She was the one who taught me to play a lot of different instruments. She was the one who gave me daily exercise. Thank you, Mrs. Powell for your lessons and effort.
Fr. Matthew is this churches priest. I thank him for teaching me more about my faith and giving the best homilies during liturgies. He always says hello to any class walking by. He is always there for the children. Thank you, Fr. Matthew.
Ms. McKenzie is our school secretary. Let’s say it is an enjoyable and sunny day and I fall outside. I get hurt. Owwie! The teachers direct me to the front office and Ms. McKenzie is there to bandage me up. I am thankful that she helps around the school with this and many other tasks. She is very devoted to her job as are all the teachers and priests. Thank you, Ms. McKenzie. 
For all of Upper Elementary Fr. Ed was my teacher. When I first started third grade, I was a little anxious as I always had been to meet my teacher. Fr. Ed cracked a few jokes and that anxiety vanished. I have had the best days ever in the Upper Elementary classroom. I will always remember the science unit, magnetism and electricity. Fr. Ed would give a hint and we would have to figure it out. It is a good thing Fr. Ed won’t stop driving of fright when I get a driver’s license. Fr. Ed has well prepared me for the years to come. Thank you, Fr. Ed, for your lessons loaded with humor.
Last but not least I give a big thanks to my parents for driving forty minutes one way to get to school and paying my tuition. Thank you for making a sacrifice and taking me to this exceptional school.
This school has given me a great foundation surrounding me with my religion and having me attend the liturgies. I will always miss being able to walk down the hall and high five a priest on my way. I promise to you now in this blue hat I, S.G., will forever treasure the moments here at this school.

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