Monday, October 15, 2018

Shepherding Sam and The Barn and the Book by Melinda Johnson

We received our copies of the two book series Shepherding Sam and The Barn and the Book by Melinda Johnson. The goal is that our Upper Elementary students will read these books and learn to write a book review which will then be published on this blog, on our Instagram account, and on our Facebook page (I have started a Twitter account but have not used it at all).

One of our 5th grade students has already read Shepherding Sam, so I handed him the copy of The Barn and the Book as his first read. I asked the students who would like to read this book and write a review and the hands shot up in the air! I handed the book to one of our 4th graders. She will read it and then we will work on how to write a book review. Then she will read the next book and pass on Shepherding Sam to another student.

On a personal note... my youngest has Shepherding Sam on his bookshelf in his bedroom but has read about half of it (I suggested last week that he read it but he is in the middle of reading The Indian in the Cupboard series- I believe he just finished book three and is waiting for book four from the library).

If you would like to purchase your own copies of these two books, please check out Ancient Faith Publishing website here. This link will take you directly to a special promotion to buy both books together for $20 plus shipping. And, I am certain that at some point, The Logos Bookstore at the our church will be carrying these two books.

Return soon to read the book reviews by our wonderful students! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Mrs. Blankenstein

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