Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Reading Options...

Read this fantastic article about the importance of audiobooks. Some great suggestions for listening to audiobooks include Audible (this is an account and place to purchase audiobooks), Overdrive (this is what most libraries use to check out audiobooks- go to your library website and reserve audiobooks), checking CD's out of the library of audiobooks, internet search for free audiobooks to download- lots of classics are available for free!

A suggestion from our pediatrician- listen to an audiobook of something you have already read to help you fall asleep at night. In our home, we use a blue tooth speaker in our youngest son's room that is connected to my kindle in our room. He read Fellowship of the Ring and, now when he has trouble falling asleep, he listens to the book. For myself, if I have difficulty falling asleep, I listen to Dante's Divine Comedy.

As a commuter school (and remembering back to the days we lived in North Portland and drove to ASA every morning and afternoon), audiobooks were a wonderful way to pass the time while sitting in traffic.

In our Upper and Lower Elementary classrooms, we use Daily 5 as part of our literacy instruction. One aspect of Daily 5 is "Listen to Reading" where the students do just that- listen to audiobooks for a set amount of time per day.


So go forth and listen to a book :)
Have a blessed day!
Mrs. Blankenstein

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