Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Virtue of the Month- Generosity

“When a man really considers his neighbor as himself, he will never tolerate having more than his neighbor. If he does have more, but refuses to share things generously until he himself becomes as poor as his neighbor, then he will find that he has not fulfilled the commandment of the master. He no longer wants to give to all who ask, and instead turns away from someone who asks of him while she still has a penny or a crust of bread. He has not treated his neighbor as he would like to be treated by him. In fact, even if a man had given food and drink and clothes to all the poor, even the least, and had done everything else for them, he has only to despise or neglect a single one and it will be reckoned as if he had passed by Christ and God and He was hungry and thirsty.”— St. Simeon the New Theologian

We have reached the beginning of Lent. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our journey in our Faith and whether or not we are leading lives of virtue. Our virtue of the month for March is generosity. Be kind to everyone you meet. Give to all- not only to those who are less fortunate but give of ourselves (time, patience, love) to everyone that crosses our path. At Agia Sophia Academy, our staff strives to instill in our students the importance of giving to one another as one of the highest of virtues. We must continuously teach our children through our own example of giving and generosity to all.
By the way, this Lenten season, remember to pick up a “grab and give” bag to hand out to those in need. And, please look at our Food Barrel Friday list for those in need. These are all simply and easy ways to share what we have with our neighbors.
Kali Sarakosti! Have a blessed Lent!
In Christ,
Mrs. Christina Blankenstein

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