Monday, December 10, 2018

Virtue of the Month- Compassion

Virtue of the Month- Compassion

It seems that we do not understand one thing: it is not good when we return the love of those who love us, yet hate those who hate us. We are not on the right path if we do this. We are the sons of light and love, the sons of God, his children. As such we must have His qualities and His attributes of love, peace, and kindness towards all.
+ Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

As I interact with our Agia Sophia Academy students on a day to day basis there are days when we all need little nudges or reminders to be compassionate towards one another. Older students, remember to be patient with the younger children. Friends, remember to forgive one another for those small squabbles. Classmates, remember to show kindness to one another. Siblings, remember to treat each other with love and respect at home and at school. All of us, remember that we are all children of God and this fact alone defines how we are to treat one another. It is easy to love our friends- it is difficult to love and show compassion to those who are struggling or who might not be part of our “friend” group. We, as Orthodox Christians, are called to love one another and that means everyone.

This year as part of our #givingTuesday project, each child made a “grab and give” bag. These bags are part of the “Philoptochos” (friend of the poor) ministry at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. The purpose of these bags is to keep them in your vehicle for those times that, for example, you are stopped at a light and there is a homeless person asking for food or money. These bags, that include a pair of socks, food, water, etc., are a way to show compassion on those within our Beaverton/Portland community. We could choose to drive by and ignore those on the side of the road or we can show a small gesture of compassion by giving to them one of these bags. Please take them with you- they are not to be used just by the St. John’s community- but to be used by us all.

Have a wonderful Nativity and a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Christina Blankenstein

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